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  • In the last ten years, waiting time for health care in Canada has increased 90%. Economists estimate costs for this waiting period to be between $1100.00 and $5600.00 per patient annually. Source: Fraser Institute

  • According to the Fraser Institute, this waiting time generates hidden costs, such as income loss, a decrease in productivity in the work environment due to anxiety and the incapacity to work, without counting the physical and psychological suffering that must endure the patient.


  • This same study confirmed that in the province of Quebec, waiting time for a consultation with a specialist was 12.2 weeks on average.


  • Statistics Canada reveals that close to 1.4 million Canadians cannot obtain elective surgeries, diagnostic tests or an appointment with a specialist.


  • June 8th 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada, in a historical judgement, declared that provincial dispositions prohibiting Quebec residents from buying private insurance to obtain health services from the private sector was unconstitutional and contrary to the Quebec charter of rights..


Therefore, the current delays for medical services compromise an individual’s right to life and integrity.

Consultation médicale, Montréal, Rive sud, Laval, West Island, Gatineau,Hull

Medical consultation, Montreal, South shore, Laval, West Island, Gatineau,Hull