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Price List


130.00 $+taxes

Our fees include file, referral and administration services attributable to Medecina. Fees may vary depending on the complexity of the medical file.

If you have needs other than those enumerated in the list above, contact us in Montreal at 514-499-2009 or toll free at 1-866-5medecina.


Through our network of physicians and our ever-growing partnerships with private clinics and laboratories, Medecina can satisfy all your health needs.

To schedule an appointment or if you require additional information, please communicate with one of our agents.

Contact us for information on our corporate and insurance rates!





Medecina takes all the necessary measures to insure the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information you entrust us with.

We use cutting edge computer technology to insure your data is secure.


We believe our success rests on the quality of the services we offer, on our staff’s integrity and on the respect of our client’s needs.


The information contained in your file is essential to serve you better. Be assured that this information will never be shared with a third party under any circumstances.


  • Fees will be charged for any cancellation of a confirmed appointment (50%).

  • Medecina cannot be held responsible for any medical procedures within the context of an appointment taken through its service.

  • The physician may charge additional fees for treatments relative to the consultation.

  • Medecina does not treat extreme emergencies. If this is the case, please contact a hospital emergency ward or a medical clinic for immediate help.

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Rendez vous médical, Montréal, Rive sud, Laval, West Island, Gatineau,Hull

Medical consultation, Montreal, South shore, Laval, West Island, Gatineau,Hull