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Q : What are the delays for an appointment?
A : Once we have received your request, the delay is approximately 72 hours.

Q : What are the costs for the service?
A : Costs will vary depending on the service. For a complete list of prices, please refer to the Price List section of our website or call one of our agents.

Q : Do you charge for membership?
A : With no annual or membership fees, Medecina offers a unique service giving you rapid access to specialists. A 50% fee will be charged for any cancellation of a confirmed appointment.

Q : How do I pay?
A : All payments are processed through Medecina using Moneris secure banking from the Royal Bank of Canada (VISA, MASTERCARD).

Q : Do I need a referral from a general practionner before I can get an appointment with a specialist?
A : It is necessarry to have a referral, but certain exceptions apply. Please contact one of our agents for more details.

Q : Where do you find your doctors?
A : The physicians affiliated to Medecina are chosen for their expertise, their reputation and their bedside manner. They are referred by other physicians to insure their professionalism.

Q : Do I have to pay for every appointment?
A : You only pay for the initial appointment. If a follow up is needed, the physician will treat you and in most cases, the medicare card will cover the costs.

Q : Are your costs covered by my insurance company?
A : In certain cases they are. It is preferable to contact your insurance company to make sure.

Q : Do you offer diagnostic and radiology tests?
A : Thanks to partnerships with private radiology and diagnostic testing clinics, we can offer you these services and many more.

Q : What is your address?
A : We are situated at 1 avenue Holiday, suite 809, Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 5N3. But Medecina is not a clinic. We are a referral service. Our mission is to provide you with the fastest and most cost effective medical referral services in your region, at your convenience.

Médecin de famille, Montréal, Rive sud, Laval, West Island, Gatineau,Hull

Family doctor, Montreal, South shore, Laval, West Island, Gatineau,Hull